How to Find a Church That’s a Good Fit for You

If you want to grow your faith, find a good church. But it is not easy to find a great church these days. You will need to have endurance and patience to find one. This can be hard especially if you moved to a new location recently. Most of the time, you are only able to visit one church or two in one week. Therefore, finding a church can take some months. If you are here because you need to find a better church that will help you develop your faith, then continue reading. 

Create a list of possible good churches

The first step to finding a church of a good fit for you is to create a list of the churches around. You may also create a list of of some of the churches that you consider possibly good. In case there are some friends in your location, ask them about where they worship. Inquire everything that you need to know about the church they attend before making a decision.  There may be believer groups or house churches nearby. Do not overlook them. 

Search online

If you are new in your area and cannot find a church you can trust. Consider conducting a google search. Search about the churches in your location. This will help find very close churches and those far away. Once you find some, do some background check on them to find out if they will help you in your journey of faith. 

Create a list of things that make your dream church good

There is always something that makes you do or love something. Some of the things that might make one attend a certain church include;

  • Denominational affiliation
  • Doctrinal positions
  • Church personality
  • Church size
  • Racial mix
  • The style of worship
  • The music 
  • A community feeling

While you might find everything you need in a church, you will always find some things that will meet your expectations.

Visit the churches on your list

As we mentioned earlier, you need to create a list of the churches that you wish to attend. The next step is to start visiting those churches and see if there is one that has what you are looking for. Not all churches will have what you want. There is a possibility that you will find some churches that practice racism. Don’t be upset when you encounter such an experience. No one will force you to continue attending the church. Just move on to the next church on your list – read article on church of christ beliefs and doctrines

The dressing style

You don’t want to go to a church where you uncomfortable attending with your mom or dad.  First, find out if the dressing style of the church goes well with your family lifestyle. You understand yourself and the family better than anyone else. So, choose a church whose dressing style makes you comfortable.


Finding a church which you are comfortable and one that will help you to grow your faith is not an easy task. You need patience and determination. Don’t forget to pray for this as a Christian.